Glass Break Detector

This commercial-grade glass breaking detector is designed to sense the sound of breakage due to an intruder trying to gain access through a window or door glass pane. It serves as a backup to your window and door sensors. The wireless sensor is triggered by the frequency and pitch of shattering glass. It picks up these sounds within 20 feet. The sensor automatically activates when you arm your security control panel. This detector is a good option when you have large pets that may trigger your motion sensors.

Naming the room that the sensor is in allows you to see where the breach occurred. Also, you can set a response to the breakage, such as turning on the lights or triggering an alarm. These settings are responses that your control panel will be making when it senses the glass break detector responding. Encryption ensures that it is not hacked or prone to signal interference. An ideal location for this sensor is opposite the window or door that it is monitoring or on the ceiling.

Glass Break Detector

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Glass Break Detector Features

  • Protects all glass types up to 1/4″, plate or tempered glass
  • Up to 20′ Range
  • LED light activates when device detects sound
  • 2.75”H x 3.88”W x 1.5”D
  • 3V GP CR123A (x2)
  • Operates at 14°F to 122°F