Motion Sensor

This motion sensor contains an encrypted PIR (passive infrared) sensor and is perfect for the home or business needing reliable motion detection. Changes in the room’s temperature trigger the sensor when a person enters. Its signal range reaches up to 600 feet in the open. However, recommended use is within 100 feet of the control panel. The detection range is 30 feet by 40 feet with an 80° field of view. It also has a pet immunity feature that will ignore small pets up to 40 pounds. You can place these sensors on a flat surface or mount them in the corner of a room, preferably at 7.5′ high for best results. Proper mounting of the sensor is needed to achieve effective pet immunity.

Program your sensors with “rules”. For example, set a rule for a room light to turn on when it detects you entering. Of course, you also want it to trigger an alarm when an intruder is detected. Using 2 AAA batteries for power, it has an average life of five years.

Motion sensor

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Motion Sensor Features

  • PIR encrypted
  • 30′ range for motion detection
  • 80° horizontal field of view
  • Pet immunity up to 40 lbs.
  • Programmable for smart home rules
  • 4 x 2 x 3 inches 3.4″L x 2.4″W x 1.5″
  • Weight 3.98 oz.
  • 2 AAA batteries, no wiring required
  • Operating Temperature of 14°F to 122°F