Remote Key Fob

This IQ Remote Key Fob allows you to arm or disarms your home security system using the touch of a button. Use as you leave the house in a hurry or upon arriving home with your hands full. Encryption technology gives safe communication between you and your control panel in the house within 100 feet. There is also a panic button mode on the fob in the case of an emergency. This discreet fob looks like your car key fob, so no one will know you are controlling your home security with it. The replaceable battery lasts around four to six years. The fob works best in temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees.

The button placement on the key fob prevents the accidental pushing of the wrong button. Included is an extra button that you can program with an additional command with your IQ Panel, such as turning on a light. Use your control panel to monitor your remote key fob, such as the battery status. Works with IQ Panel 2 security alarm systems.

Remote Key Fob

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Remote Key Fob Features

  • S-Line encryption protects the signal
  • Red LED light signals commands
  • Text confirmation of arm/disarm
  • Panic button
  • Extra programmable * button
  • Easily replaceable long-life battery
  • Functions in temperatures of 0 to 120 degrees
  • 2.6″ x 1.8″ x 0.7″ 
  • 0.81 ounces