Home Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring in South Florida

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Ultimate Home Security Package
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Home Security & Monitoring

24/7 professional monitoring that keeps your family safe. Count on a quick emergency response when needed.
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Smart Home Automation

With home automation, your home gets integrated and upgraded for easy management of your devices.
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Home Wellness Solutions

Assist loved ones with their everyday tasks & activities, like turning off the lights or ensuring the doors get locked.
Home Security

Home Video Monitoring

When you are not home, stay aware of what is going on in and around your property at any given moment.

Core Home Security is the top-rated home security installation and monitoring companies in South Florida

South Florida rates Core Home Security as one of the best. Our local service keeps us available for you when you need us. Our neighbors and their safety are important to us! We take care of both homeowners and renters with a variety of options to fit their needs. They are kept safe with top-of-the-line monitoring for medical, police, and fire emergencies. Home automation to smarten up the home is also available offering the latest in smart home technology.

Core Home Security provides interactive packages that allow you to manage your alarm systems with an app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. We carry a wide range of devices in our inventory to ensure that each individual home receives the perfect fit. We understand that every budget and property is different. However, that does not mean you have to do without security. We have the best home alarm systems available for as low as two dollars a day. Receive our basic equipment for FREE. In addition, our new customers get FREE installation with their new home security systems.

Smart Home App

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

Core Home Security

Great company. Great products. Great staff. Everything from the top down is exactly what you should look for in a company you are trusting to secure your home.

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Boca Raton, FL

Smart Home Security Systems

Core Home has the experience of installing thousands of high-tech home security alarm systems in the South Florida area. We know the needs of our area and what the concerns are. We live here too! Look to us to provide you with the most reliable expertise when it comes to your safety. In addition, we make sure to guide you through the operations of your new system after the install. Our friendly tech support is always available when you need more help. Core has the best value you will find when it comes to security systems. Our customized system always fits your home according to what you need. Then, our expert installers get things set up quickly with ease. Not only is our home security fast, but it is also affordable. Our goal is to make everyone safe, no matter what it takes!

Home Security Panel
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Automated Notifications

With today’s technology, it is an easy option to have constant access to either a smartphone or computer.

Our phone calls, email, and texts are a steady stream of information all day. It would only make sense that we also have our home connected to us.

With a smartphone app, you have the choice of staying in touch with your home security system that is watching over your house. A touch of a button gives you access to live-streaming video through the eyes of your home security cameras.

Get instant alerts when activity is detected around the home. Know if there is an emergency to attend to and get quick assistance to the house.