Same Day Installation Available!

Same Day Installation Available!

Full Coverage for Your Home

Core Home Security knows how important it is to keep your family and property safe. Not to mention, we are a leading home security company in Florida. In fact, our large inventory of home security products comprises only the best equipment available. In addition, our home security systems allow themselves to get integrated with smart devices to make your house a smart home. We customize our packages to fit your home and family’s specific needs. Therefore, adding safety and convenience to one system with remote access can’t be beaten.

$49.99 Down Plus First Month Gets You Started on All New Smart Home Systems

$0 Upfront on All New Smart Home Systems

Control & Protect Your Alarm System From Anywhere

Always stay informed of the activities at your home with motion sensors and cameras. Along with those, remotely manage your cameras, locks, and more using our app. Our smart home devices prove useful for assisting with simple home tasks, such as turning on or off your lights, thermostat, and other smart home equipment. Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, ours lets you know what’s happening at your property at any time. Most importantly, stay in control of your system at all times. Our top-rated, easy-to-use mobile app puts your home in your hands.

Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

  • Protect you from intruders on your property
  • Keep your family and valuables safe
  • Maintain remote access and control to your home
  • Alerts for environmental issues, such as fire, gas, or flooding

Core Smart Home Hub

Boca Raton Home Security

Activate Your Existing System for just $29.95/mo*

Activate Your Existing System for Just $29.95/mo*

Benefits of Choosing Core Home Security Systems

In addition, we have top-of-the-line equipment and several smart home devices, plus, our prices can’t be beaten. South Floridians depend on us to provide them with quality service and caring support.

Your homeowner’s insurance usually discounts you up to 20% for protecting your home with security and monitoring. But, they know that having a home security system lowers the odds of your home being a victim of burglary and loss.

The biggest benefit of securing your home with Core Home Security is the peace of mind you get. Of course, not only is your system a deterrent for a potential intruder, you also know that your home is being watched 24/7 with quick response monitoring.

Already Have a Home Security System?

We can upgrade and activate most existing systems for as little as $19.95 a month. Moreover, our experts evaluate your present system and let you know if any upgrades are needed to activate it. Whether you need to add on alarm monitoring or just want to put on the smart home devices, we can help you out. Also, find out if your existing system is compatible with smart home upgrades.

Need a Replacement or New System?

At Core Home Security, we have exactly what you need. Our commercial-grade security equipment will layer your home in security protection. Also, We offer a variety of home security packages that you can customize. Not only will you find everything from the necessities to a complete package, but there are all the smart home conveniences you may want. Additionally, our new systems come with $49.99 Down plus First Month to get same-day installation.

$49.99 Down Plus First Month Gets You Started on All New Smart Home Systems

$0 Upfront on All New Smart Home Systems

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