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Unfortunately, we live in a world where crime is still an issue many homeowners deal with yearly. To ensure that your home is safe no matter the situation, it is important to install home security solutions that will keep the property and those inside safe and sound. Core Home Security provides the option you need to deter some of the most common crimes that homeowners suffer. Read more below and visit our website to begin browsing for your security solutions today.


Trespassing on most occasions is a nuisance, but in the worst-case scenario, it can lead to higher-level crimes. Our wireless home security cameras allow you to see who is around your property and give you the time to narrow down the best course of action. Also, by simply having a camera, you are likely to deter trespassing from occurring in the first place.


Break-ins are one of the most common crimes homeowners deal with, and they can leave them feeling exposed and unprotected. Not only will you lose your valuable possessions or suffer property damage during a break-in, but you will also lose the peace of mind that your home is safe. Our security solutions can help keep this peace of mind intact by stopping break-ins from occurring.


Vandalism can be an expensive and annoying crime to deal with, and it is often difficult to narrow down who committed the crime. Our home security systems with cameras allow you to capture every moment, and if vandalism occurs, you will have the criminal right on camera!

Theft In and Out of The House

Package thieves have been on the rise for the last few years. It is an unsettling feeling knowing that something you paid your hard-earned money for can easily be snatched from right outside your home. With our security systems, you can rest assured that nothing will be stolen again, as cameras will likely deter thieves from entering the property. But if they do, you will have the evidence required to catch them! 

Core Home Security has the security systems you need to deter a wide variety of crimes from occurring on your property. To start protecting your home today, visit our website and browse our latest security options or contact us to get started.

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