One of the main reasons people hesitate to invest in security systems is the cost. However, this opinion usually gets based on hearsay and not actual facts. When you think of something that is affordable, it usually means that it is reasonably priced, fair, or moderate. Although there are costs involved, you need to consider what you are actually paying for. Given the wide range of options when it comes to security and home alarm monitoring, it makes it possible for everyone to have some kind of security for their home. 

Why Do You Need Home Security?

The purpose of installing home security is to protect your family, home, and valuables inside and out. To accomplish this, you need a good idea of the coverage needed for protection. Just having visible cameras or a simple video doorbell discourages possible intruders. Burglars are looking for easy targets, and homes with security are not it. 

Another reason for home security is to just have some peace of mind when it comes to activities around your home. It is good to see the kids coming in from school on your security cameras. Also, when that package arrives at your door, you can give the neighbor a quick call to grab it up for you for safekeeping. Fewer distractions and worries let you be more productive during the day. 

Lastly, today’s security works well with home automation devices. Make the home even safer with automated security that verifies locks and alarms with instant alerts to your smartphone. It keeps your home looking lived-in even when you are on vacation.

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How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Home security might sound like it is going to be pricey, but there are considerations to be met. As the previous paragraphs pointed out, a security system does much more than just keep out intruders. Plus, everyone’s property is unique as far as size, neighborhood, age, etc. This means that there is no one price that fits all. 

You might have a strict budget that only allows you the basic cameras and sensors. Or, you might have an open budget to add all the layers of security and automation available. Whichever plan fits you best, it is always wise to back it up with home security monitoring. This allows any system, no matter how simple or all-inclusive, to have 24/7 assistance when needed at the home. 

Other items that influence your pricing for home security are things already installed in the home. Do you have an existing system that needs an upgrade? Or, maybe your home is already hardwired for a system, or do you still use a landline? Many times, technicians work with what you have in the home as long as it works well with simple upgrades. 

Are Home Security Systems Worth the Price?

Let’s briefly review the benefits you gain when putting home security into your home.

  • Discourages burglary
  • Alerts for fire and other hazards
  • Keeps items safe from small children in the home
  • Peace of mind by watching the house while away
  • Smart home keeps your house lived-in
  • Manage smart devices remotely on your smartphone
  • 24/7 home alarm monitoring watching out for you

Studies show that the average burglary costs you about $3,000 in losses. Even worse, no one has a price for the emotional loss of security. Also, we pay for prevention in so many other areas of our life, whether it is insurance for our health, our car, or our pets. When we do this, we’re counting on never having to use it, but it is there for our peace of mind. The big difference with security systems is that it serves as a preventative measure, in addition to daily usage.  

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Finding Affordable Solutions for You

As previously stated, there are a wide variety of options and plans when it comes to protecting your home. So don’t write it off as too expensive before doing some research and working with someone to see your real options. To assist you with this, call us at Core Home Security and find out what we can do for you. Our plans go as low as two dollars a day for specific systems. How much is peace of mind worth when it comes to your family? It may be priceless, but we work with you to make it possible. Call us today to find out why people say we have the best security systems in South Floria!

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