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Home Security and Monitoring

Keep your family and property covered in constant protection with Core Home Security. 24/7 continuous monitoring makes sure that you stay safe at all times. Be assured, any security alerts that occur are covered quickly.

Smart Home Automation

In addition, Core Home Security brings you smart home automation that will make you the smartest home on the block. Put together all your security and smart home devices to make a strong layer of protection and convenience.

Wellness Solutions at Home

Get real Wellness solutions from Core Home Security to look after your loved ones. Also, being able to remotely monitor them when they live apart from you brings peace of mind. Be assured that all their home tasks are cared for.

Home Video Monitoring

No need to be distracted all day wondering what is going on at the house. In fact, remote on-demand home video monitoring lets you check in on the activity at any time. When you stay informed, it keeps everyone safer and happy.

Core Home Security is highly rated as one of the top Boca Raton home security and monitoring companies.

Indeed, Boca Raton rates us as one of the best home security and monitoring companies around. We offer a variety of plans and packages to customize. In fact, these options allow you to put together the perfect security system to fit you as a homeowner or renter. In addition, our 24/7 monitoring services provide quick responses to our first responders for police, fire, or medical issues. Plus, adding in some smart home devices gives your home extra layers of safety and convenience. All in all, there is no limit to your options when it comes to technology and safety for you.

Your Core Home Security system comes on an app that allows you to manage it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Choose the security devices that fit your lifestyle and needs. However, due to the fact that home security is critical, don't take any chances by cutting corners. Still, trying to save money is important, but let us work with you and your budget. Hence, don't leave out important devices that keep you safe. Besides, our security systems come as low as two dollars a day. Plus, our new customers receive the basic equipment FREE. Installation is FREE as well.

Boca Raton Home Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Great company. The best products. Super staff. Everything from the top down is exactly what you should look for in a company you are trusting to secure your home.

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Boca Raton, FL

Smart Home Security Systems

Core Home Security brings your home over ten years of experience in the security industry. This experience helps us do the best possible job when installing hundreds of security systems throughout the Boca Raton area. Even more, we are a local company that cares for you, our neighbors. When your local security company lives in the same area as you do, it keeps us aware of the local safety issues occurring around us. Due to this, we know exactly what you need to stay safe.

In addition, we go beyond just installing your system. Our highly skilled technicians work closely with you and guide you through the usage of your system. Above all, our team is available to you at any time for further questions or assistance you may need. It is our goal to make sure you stay protected at all times and this requires your equipment to work at its best. Therefore, we make sure to go beyond your immediate needs and see that your new home security system is good for many years to come.

Home Security Panel
Boca Raton Home Security

Automated Notifications

Of course, with so much advanced technology, there is always something that will fit you. Our world revolves around smartphones and PCs, so why not access your home security from there as well? Having instant information is something we are used to.

Access your home security system through your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other internet-enabled devices. This control includes your smart home devices as well. To be sure, it is one less distraction during the day when you don't have to worry about what is occurring at home.

As a result, remote management allows you to control your locks, cameras, garage door, and more, including all your smart devices. This means you have the ability to turn down the A/C or turn off lights still on when you left the house. Money savings and convenience are hard to beat, especially when you are not wasting energy.

Most importantly, when an alarm triggers at home, the app sends you real-time alerts. Also, the app lets you see a live stream of what is happening at that moment at home by accessing your security cameras. After accessing the issue, you can call on the proper emergency response to assist you. With a monitoring service, they take care to do this for you.

$49.99 Down Plus First Month Gets You Started on All New Smart Home Systems

$0 Upfront on All New Smart Home Systems

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Core Home Security activates and takes over existing alarm systems.

The reputation at Core Home Security has proven itself. It is one of the best home security companies in Boca Raton. Namely, our specialty is installing and monitoring your security system. Above all, we make sure that you get a fast emergency response. When you need police, fire, or medical help, it comes to you quickly. Even more, we offer a large line of smart home accessories that blend in and compliment your home security system.

Also, we take your existing security system in your home and activate it if needed. First, our trained technicians take a look to see if there are any upgrades required to get it running. Usually, it only needs an updated control panel to activate. To note, here are a few of the systems that we work with in order to upgrade and monitor. The list includes ADT, Honeywell, Xfinity, Ademco, DSC, Go Control, GE Security, AT&T Digital Life, First Alert, Interlogix, and Napco.

Activate Your Existing System for just $29.95/mo*

Activate Your Existing System for Just $29.95/mo*

Core Home Security is a Local Boca Raton Home Security Company

Here are some of the top cities we service in the Boca Raton area:
  • Boca Raton

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  • Hialeah

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  • And all surrounding areas!
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