Whenever we invest in our homes, it is usually with the purpose of improving them. This is because our home itself is an investment and we want to do things that make it better and worth more in the long run. How about when we add a home security system to our house? Will that increase the value of the property? Let’s see how it affects the value of your property when you add a home security system. Plus, what kind of savings comes along with it? 


Insurance Discounts

There are a variety of ways to save on your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies like to see efforts made that secure your house. Things that will keep you from making a claim are what they want to see. This includes a home security system. The biggest discount comes with 24/7 alarm monitoring connected to your home security. They know there isn’t much that will get by a home that has this kind of coverage. 

Along this same line of thought, think of the money you save when you take preventive measures to keep intruders out. The average loss for a homeowner due to burglary is over $2,600. A home security system serves as a big deterrent and greatly lowers the odds of becoming a victim of a home break-in.         


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Future Resale Value

So, you save now with homeowners insurance discount. Plus, you are saving money from a burglary loss by having obvious cameras and other security measures that keep intruders away. But what about increasing the home’s value for future resale? When you install a home security system, you are adding to making your neighborhood a safe place. More than likely, when neighbors see the safety of your cameras, it is an example they will want to follow. 

Safe neighborhoods are appealing to home shoppers, a discouragement to any intruders. Those attracted to your home might be those who do a lot of traveling or families that want to feel secure. Simple items such as motion-sensing lights and cameras make people feel safe. This makes your home a big seller.   


Peace of Mind and Convenience

Not only does home security keep out the bad guys, but it gives us real peace of mind. Nothing is more appealing than to really relax in your home and feel safe. In addition, today’s home security has smart home add-ons that work in sync with the security control panel. Convenience is also a big seller. With smart home devices, you have the ability to program safety features, such as lights turning on when you pull into the driveway or the front door unlocking when it senses you approaching. 

There are so many programmable features that you customize according to your family’s lifestyle. Best of all, the smart home devices that you add to your security system are all managed through your smartphone or PC. Having remote control over your home definitely adds appealing value. With this remote management, you stay in touch with the activity in and around your home at all times. 

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So, does an alarm system really increase the value of your home? Yes, it does. When you fit your home with multiple reasons to be appealing to a potential buyer, that’s value. When people shop for homes, especially the first-time family groups, they want something to keep their family safe. At Core Home Security, we know what is needed to layer your home in security. Most of all, we work with the budget you have to do the most for you. Give us a call and find out how to make your home safe for you now, plus make it even better for any future resale that may come along later. We have what you need!    


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