No matter how good your home security system is, without someone to monitor it, there are limited benefits. Without alarm monitoring, your security system is only capable of a loud alarm in the home. Having this is only beneficial if someone is there to hear it. However, some tend to hesitate when it comes to paying the monthly fee for an outside company to monitor their system. Even if you choose one of the many DIY home security systems, there are still monitoring companies that work with you. But is this really necessary? Is it possible to successfully monitor your system on your own? Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of this issue.


DIY Monitoring

Why do people choose to monitor their homes on their own? It is usually a budget issue, and they want to save money. Others want to maintain control and the decisions for their home. Also, with wireless systems, you have more flexibility if you are a renter. Being wireless, the security devices are easily movable. So, although it is possible to do it yourself, there are a lot of limitations that go along with it. Having all the control means that when an alert triggers at your house, it is all up to you to respond. Using the mobile app that comes with your equipment, you have the option to see and speak through your cameras. After you verify what the alarm is, you need to contact the proper first responders if needed.

Some of the pitfalls that come with DIY are that you may not always be available. Cellular reception is very reliable today, but there are times you go through network dead zones. Even with good service, you have meetings and buildings where you are required to turn off your phone. Now, who is watching your house? 


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Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring gives you the final layer that security systems need. Even though you may receive alerts when you DIY, only professional monitoring responds to every single alert, 24/7. When a company receives an alert, they verify it as a true emergency or not, and then immediately send the needed help. When it is less likely to have false alarms in the house, create settings that eliminate the verification process and get an immediate response every time. This is not a good idea if there are children or other factors that may cause false alarms. There are penalties when first responders come out repeatedly for these false alarms.

Remember, your monitoring includes alerts for more than just intruders. Alerts for fire, carbon monoxide, and medical issues also get sent out when needed. Especially if you are not home, alarm monitoring gets help to your home faster than you would be able to. This fast response serves to minimize damage or other harm to the home and family. Having someone else monitor your home gives you real peace of mind. Knowing your home has protective eyes watching over it lets you focus on other things.


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What to Decide

It is important to take into consideration your personal circumstances. Yes, professional home security monitoring has a monthly fee. However, they vary, and it is good to do your research carefully before making a decision. Don’t dismiss the possibility, thinking it is too expensive before you actually look at the numbers. Think of the actual expense of losing your valuables in the house due to burglary or fire. There are also unforeseen medical issues that arise. Give us a call at Core Home Security and discuss your needs and budget with us. We are more than happy to work with you to get the best fit for your alarm monitoring. Your safety is our priority! 

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