Having home security systems installed on our properties is a common occurrence. In fact, when you build a new house, it is becoming standard to set it up with not only a variety of alarm systems but also smart home devices. Why the increasing trend? Homeowners, renters, and even DIY enthusiasts are seeing the benefits of having it in the dwelling. It helps that, due to the demand, more home security companies are making it affordable to just about anyone. Not to mention, with the advancement of technology, smart home integration with your security systems is becoming fun and convenient. Let’s examine just four of the most common reasons why it is important to have home security.



Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you say security systems is protecting your house. We want to protect our family and valuables inside. A home security system puts layers of protection inside and outside of your home. Using a combination of cameras, motion sensors, window and door contacts, and more, you put up a good wall of defense. Not only is it a physical defense, but it also serves as a deterrent to any who are looking over your home with bad intentions. If a potential burglar sees your cameras pointing at them as they walk by, they are more than likely not going to stop. 


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Peace of Mind

In addition, putting 24/7 alarm monitoring on the job too will make sure nothing goes undetected. So, with a combination of home security and alarm monitoring, you gain true peace of mind. You never need to worry about missing an alert on your smartphone. Plus, you know as soon as an emergency occurs at your house, first responders get sent out immediately upon verifying it. With your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, flooding sensor, and temperature sensor all tied in with your control panel and alarm monitoring company, you know your house is safe. If anything were to occur while you are away from home, immediate assistance is sent to your home when any of the alarms are triggered. 


Smart Home Convenience

Other than protection and the peace of mind it brings you, what else is a reason to have home security. Most alarm systems today are capable of having smart home devices integrated into them. With smart home security, you have complete control of your home’s Wi-Fi smart devices. Turn your lights on and off, lock or unlock your front door, check the status of your garage or other appliances. These functions are manually controlled or scheduled to run on a routine. Having this control makes it safe for your home if you go out of town. By controlling your lights, TV, radio, and more, it looks like you are always home even when you are away. Not to mention the convenience of managing your home devices and appliances remotely with your smartphone.


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Energy Savings Means Money Savings

 What could be more of an incentive than to save money? But doesn’t installing security systems cost us money? The initial investment may seem so, but you have to think forward. A home burglary costs the homeowner an average of $3,000 in losses. Home alarm systems help to lower the odds of being in that statistic. In addition, smart home devices are designed to save energy in the home. From self-adjusting thermostats to flood sensors that will turn off your water to prevent loss and damage. Lights will never be left on again. Make your home environmentally friendly and save money at the same time. Your home


In Conclusion

After highlighting only a couple of the many benefits of having a home security system, it already makes sense. You get protection, peace of mind, smart home convenience, and energy savings too. Would you like to learn even more ways to benefit from a home security company? Give us a call at Core Home Security. Our many years in the security business have taught us just what brings the best to your home. Don’t wait! We are here to do what it takes to keep you safe!


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