Landlines in our homes are slowly disappearing into the sunset. A survey revealed that in 2017, 52% of adults in the U.S. no longer have landlines in the home. That was four years ago, and the number has surely increased by now. Just about every member of the household has their own cellular phone. Why then are some homeowners insisting on keeping their landlines in the house? There are various reasons. For some, they use it for home businesses, such as a fax machine. Others like the reliability of 911 in the case of an emergency since the landline usually works even if the power goes out. Still, others have it exclusively for their home security systems. But are landlines still needed with all of our advanced technology out there? What are some of our other options for a home security line?


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Landlines and Home Security

Landlines were the original plan for home security systems back in the day. With tons of wiring throughout the house, each security device was connected and had to stay in place due to the connected wires. Many people who have used this method for years stick by it. They know that landlines are reliable during storms and other disasters and have a fear of letting them go. Landlines do not get the interference of signals that Wi-Fi runs into at times. 

However, landlines are also prone to be cut easily, which disables the security system. Not to mention, as your wiring ages, there will be repairs to be made. This becomes difficult with the wires running through the walls. In addition to these issues, if your home security system is older, then it becomes more difficult to update your software. As your system ages out, you need to consider your next move, to repair or replace? 


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Cellular Home Security Options

Even though you have a landline and maybe even started integrating a couple of smart home devices with the Wi-Fi connection, a cellular connection is something to consider. We know that alarm monitoring is an essential part of the home security system. When it comes to finding the most reliable connection to our monitoring company, cellular outperforms landlines. Landlines have a slower connection than cellular, and when it is an emergency, you don’t want any delay. As mentioned earlier, they are also vulnerable to having the line cut to disable the alarm system. 

Cellular alarm monitoring relies on the same signal that you use on your cellphone. It is a reliable signal with a fast data transfer. There is no need to worry about your security system being affected by an internet outage. Cellular reaches rural areas that landlines may not reach. Some may bring up the subject that landlines are cheaper to monitor than cellular. It may appear that way at first glance, but what will you be saving by discontinuing your landline service? 


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What Is Best for You?

You may be content with your present home security system and alarm monitoring, but use these points to think about the future. Even better, give us a call at Core Home Security. We are happy to discuss your present situation and offer suggestions for you to think about. We always encourage thorough research and comparisons when making these decisions. Our goal is to keep you as safe as possible and always work with your budget. We work with landlines, Wi-Fi, and cellular services. Whatever it takes, Core Home Security knows how to do it right. Call us today!

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