Before you leave on that well-deserved summer vacation, it is also a good time to do a complete maintenance check on your home security system. Just like using Daylight Savings Time to remind us to change our smoke detector batteries, it is good to keep a schedule for the rest of our security system too. At times we put off items that seem like small maintenance issues thinking we will do it later. However, sometimes what seems to be a minor issue, such as the smoke detector battery, turns into a lifesaving alarm. When it comes to our home security and alarm systems, they need to get looked at seriously. Let’s go through a few items of a home security system and make your own checklist on what needs to get done before you take that vacation. 



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Always Check Your Power Source

Since we began with the subject of batteries, let’s continue with that. In order to verify that your security device has the contacts working properly, it needs power. Go through the house and check all of your items that contain batteries. With many home security systems going wireless, that amount of devices may be plenty. A wireless camera battery lasts anywhere from two weeks to two months or even two years. It all depends on its placement and how much activation it receives. Your motions sensors and door and window contacts last about three to five years. Keyless locks average about one year for battery life. As far as your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector go, you either have batteries to change at the suggested six-month period, or they can be hardwired. 


When your security devices connect to the control panel, they send a low battery signal to it. You may even receive a text message from your control panel letting you know to check the device battery. 



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Brighten Up Those Lights and Lenses

Once you have all of your devices with the proper power sourcing them, move to the next items on the list. Check on your cameras and do a cleaning on the lenses. Indoor cameras tend to collect dust, but outdoor cameras get exposed to weather and messy insects. The suggested method is a microfiber cloth dampened with either a lens cleaning solution or water. Never use harsh detergents or ingredients with ammonia or alcohol. 


Our lighting is also a key ingredient to keeping our home safe. But, it only does so when it is in working order. Walk through and around your home at night for the best viewing to see that your light bulbs are working well. Replace the ones that are needed. Don’t forget to use that microfiber cloth to keep your motion-detecting light sensors clean for best results. 



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Up and Running

Finally, after new batteries where needed, lights are working, and all sensors are clean, it is time to run a home security system test on your control panel. Your user manual contains instructions on this test. Check all connectivity and camera views for correct communication and views. The thorough cleaning you did may alter your camera position slightly and need adjustment. 


If you do a regular maintenance schedule with your home security system, it should be a smooth routine. If you have any difficulties, contact us at Core Home Security for assistance. We want your home and family protected at all times! Get your home’s protection maximized, then go and enjoy that vacation with the family!

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