Are you still holding out on having a home security system installed in your home? Believe it or not, you are not alone. Only about a third of U.S. homeowners have a security system in place. Why is that? People have various reasons, but it ranges from their budget to thinking that they just don’t need one. Whatever the reason is, let’s look at some common questions that many consumers have and why they may be hesitating to acquire a home security system. 


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Why Do I Need a Home Security System?

Some residents feel that they are in a fairly safe neighborhood with low crime around them, so there is no need for a security system. However, statistics show that there are almost three million burglaries a year in the nation. A nice neighborhood does not exclude you from this statistic. When a burglar looks for a potential target, they search for a vulnerable home. One of the criteria for this would be one without a security system. The presence of a camera pointing at a potential burglar is enough to discourage many of them to move on to another target. Of course, having a home security system does not guarantee you will never be the victim of burglary. It does, however, lower your chances greatly. But in the event of a burglary, it minimizes losses by sounding the alarm and getting the police to your home.


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How Much Is It Going to Cost?

For this question, there is not a set answer. Since every home’s need is different, it will require research and a consultation to determine the final cost. Many companies offer free basic equipment and free installation, along with a monthly fee for professional monitoring. The monthly payment may make some hesitate, but consider what kind of loss you would experience if someone breaks into your home. The average burglary costs the homeowner about $3,000 in losses, not to mention the emotional trauma of losses of family heirlooms that you can’t replace. 


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Do I Need to Have a Landline?

With today’s home security systems, there is no need for landlines. Most devices are now wireless, including your smart home add-ons. Having a wireless system allows you to be more versatile with your cameras or smart home devices. Move them around when your needs change without worrying about installing wiring or making holes in the walls. 

However, if you do still have a landline and an older security system in the home, it is possible to use it. Most pre-existing wired security systems only need slight upgrades to activate them. Depending on what you want to add into your system determines any additional work needed. 



Can I DIY a Home Security System? 

Many people are into the DIY trend in an effort to save money. This includes installing a home security system. Of course, it is possible to do this. But, it would require you to buy all of your devices a-la-carte which adds up in the end. You are then taking a risk that it is installed properly. When your family depends on your security system to keep them safe, it is a chance that needs to be weighed carefully. Especially when you have home security companies offering free equipment and installation, why do it yourself? 


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Is Professional Monitoring Required?

The extra fee of having your home security system monitored by a professional company makes the budget-conscious person think twice. This is another instance where it requires you to draw out the Pros and Cons. If you choose to monitor your own security at the house, can you make yourself available 24/7 to answer all the alerts coming from your home? What happens when you do not have cell service for some reason? Professional alarm monitoring relieves you of the worry of being on-call at every moment. They also know how to verify the emergency and get the proper first responders to your home quickly. 

In Conclusion

These are just a couple of questions that may arise while you contemplate putting an alarm system onto your property. For more assistance, feel free to call us a Core Home Security. Our many years in the security industry help us give you the best direction when it comes to your unique security needs. We listen carefully to what you prefer and work within your budget to get you the best security coverage possible. We are here to help! 

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