The world we live in today is a lot different from it was in your grandparents’ day or even your parents’. One look at the local news report tells us that having a reliable home security system is vital for keeping our family safe. However, with the surplus of home security companies, along with the DIY trend, a choice of what to do is overwhelming. DIY seems like the right thing to do if you are the handyman type or have a tight budget to work within. You might even have the type of security devices in mind that you want in the home. It is important to research and look over all of your options before any decisions. Remember, a home security system is going to be in your home for quite a while. Not to mention, your safety depends on it. 


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The DIY Option

The choice to DIY your home security system sounds appealing to many. It allows you to stay in control of the job. You have 100% say in the devices and decisions. But, keep in mind, this may not be a good thing. Unless you are a professional in the security industry installing your own, you are stuck doing a lot of reading and guessing. If you do decide to go through with it, plan out your security system well. Go through the house and yard looking for ideal locations to cover your property. Make priorities according to your budget. 

Another area in the DIY plan is that a lot of your home security devices come in a la carte form. It can add up when choosing devices individually. There may be some small packages, but many will be add-ons. It is very important to make sure that all of the items you choose are compatible with each other. Especially when you put in a few smart home devices, be sure to double-check they work with the security panel you have chosen. The risky part of the DIY is making sure that it is all up and running properly. 

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Professional Installation of Home Security

When you choose to have a professional install your alarm system, you get it done right. If for any reason, there is a faulty device or error in the system, good home security companies make sure to follow up until you have a smooth-running system protecting your home. Another benefit of working with a security company is that they have different packages to customize to fit your home. In addition, the smart home items they offer work well with the security systems in their plan.

When your security equipment is gets installed around your home, a professional knows where the most effective camera placements are. Years of experience tell them where a blind spot is or where an intruder may hide. Also, when you work with a security company, you never get left to fend for yourself. There is always someone there for you when you need assistance or guidance in using your security system. With a DIY, if there is an operation or equipment issue, it is up to you to find the answers and deal with the device. 

Home Security in South Florida

When it comes to home security in South Florida, no one knows it better than Core Home Security. Living here locally with you, Core knows the area’s crime issues, the severe weather, and the hardships people are living right now. Due to this, we want to make sure you stay safely protected in your home above all else. If you are thinking about a DIY, still give us a call. We are happy to show you different options as far as equipment and alarm monitoring plans within your budget. Add this info to your research and do the comparing. When it comes to safety and peace of mind, don’t cut corners. Let us help you sort through these choices. South Florida is our home too, and our goal is to make it a safe place for all of us. 

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