Having a home security system is a vital part of the safety of your family and property. Technology supplies us with everything we could ever imagine when it comes to security devices. Any homeowner has the opportunity to add home security due to the wide range of options that are made available. A simple security control panel comes with either simple keys or a widescreen touch panel, or even a biometric face reader. 

If you imagine it, then it is possible. Since this is the case, is it possible to get any better? It does if you add alarm monitoring to your home security. Alarm monitoring is the final ingredient that ties it all together for a solid layer of protection around your home. With home security apps, many people feel that they are capable of watching over their own homes. Are there really benefits to adding alarm monitoring?

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Assists Your Home Security System

The home security system has the job of detecting a breach on your property. The purpose of alarm monitoring is to alert the central alarm company who, in turn, alerts authorities. This company monitors your home security system to any alarms that get triggered by unauthorized movement. Monitoring uses your cameras and sensors to let you and them know if there is an alert or emergency at the home. It is beneficial because it watches over the property 24/7. There are times that you are unavailable to watch your home security alerts. Alarm monitoring gives you peace of mind by keeping you informed of the home’s status at all times. 

alarm monitoring

Deterring Crime with Alarm Monitoring

A simple fact is, just having alarm monitoring of your home security deters intruders on the spot. A survey by KTVB7 of 86 inmates that were previously burglars revealed that they would not, or was less likely, to intrude on a home that had:

  • security signs posted
  • a home alarm went off
  • a visible security camera
  • lights on in the home
  • TV or radio playing

The first three items are important parts of your home security system. Outside signs warn intruders that you have alarm monitoring watching over your home. Many times, that is enough to keep most would-be intruders away. A visible security camera is also an obvious warning to those looking over your home that they are being recorded as soon as they stepped onto your property. If they still choose to try and breach your house, your alarm monitoring will have been alerted by now after detecting the activity on the cameras. So, as soon as a door or window contact signal gets broken, a loud alarm lets them know that police are on the way. 

alarm monitoring

What Else Your Home Security Can Do

Your home security system is capable of being even better in addition to the alarm monitoring. Adding a few smart home devices also assists in deterring crime. As listed in our bullet points, having on lights, radio, or TV gives the impression that someone is home. The majority of intruders walk away from that, as seen in the KTVB7 report. The way to obtain this always home appearance is easy when you use your smart home devices. The smart home app allows you to program or manually control your lights, radio, or TV using smart plugs and smart bulbs. There are a wide variety of smart devices that keep your home’s routine, even while you are away. Program your inside and outside lights, TV, even the blinds to open and close, and more. 

Keeping Crime Away From Your Home

Does alarm monitoring deter crime? Yes, absolutely, whether it is a home or business. When criminals see a property with security protocols in place, they prefer to walk on by. Just a simple video doorbell announces their presence and they get discouraged. At Core Home Security, we show you the best way to get your home layered in protection. Alarm monitoring is an important part of this. However, we know everyone’s home and lifestyle are different, so we work out what is best for you. Call us today to find out more! Let us help you make your home safe and secure and keep it off the burglar’s radar. We want you to stay safe!

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