Having a home security system in today’s world is becoming a normal thing to do. But, due to varying budgets and the past unpredictable year, many wonder if a home security system is something affordable for them. With the many options when it comes to home security, there is definitely something for everyone. Let’s look at these options when it comes to the necessities, the add-ons, professional installation or DIY, and professional alarm monitoring or self-monitoring. 

What Do You Need?

Probably one of the most requested items for home security is the video doorbell. Why is that? It is a simple, affordable item that gives you tremendous benefits. Here are just a few:

  • 180-degree field of view
  • Detects movement at 200+ feet
  • Screen visitors at the door
  • Speak with visitors remotely while you’re away
  • See real-time video streaming
  • Review stored video footage at a later time

In other words, the camera on the video doorbell monitors your front yard on this one device. If your budget is tight, these are a must-have. With a little expansion, other outdoor cameras cover the rest of your house’s perimeter. Inside, there are other security devices that monitor the house and prove to be vital assets also. For example, window and door contacts are very important. For the smaller budget, use them on windows and entry doors. If you want more usages, place them on cabinets or drawers that you need alerts if they are accessed. 

Indoor cameras are also important to have. They ensure that any suspicious activity comes to you as an alert on your smartphone. It is also sent to your monitoring company if you choose to have one. Other additional items that benefit you in a home security system are motion sensors, glass break detectors, and motion-detecting lights outside. All of these items trigger alarm monitoring if you choose to add them. 


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Alarm Monitoring by Professionals or Not?

Once you have the basic system that you need and it fits your budget, consider alarm monitoring to back it up. Once again, everyone has to make their own choice when it comes to devices and services. Many feel that they have the time and opportunity to monitor their own home security devices. There are a lot of circumstances to consider when making this decision. What kind of valuables are in the home? Do the kids stay home alone? Think about things such as this. You don’t want to cut corners when there is a lot to lose. 

If you are away often or there are children or other valuables at home, it may be wiser to let professional alarm monitoring watch over your home 24/7. You can’t take the chance that an emergency occurs during the one time you don’t have access to your phone to receive the alert. Alarm monitoring pricing may surprise you at the affordability. As always, weigh all your factors when making these decisions. 

Home Security, Alarm Monitoring, and More

Don’t forget about smart home conveniences too. These may seem like luxury items, but the safety they provide proves otherwise. For example, be able to turn off appliances that were left on as you rushed out of the house for work. Or, check to make sure the garage is closed and remotely close it if it is not. Keyless locks you remotely control if the kids or neighbor need in without a key. Smart home options are endless and very efficient working at your home. 


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Making a Budget and Planning

The bottom line is, everyone has the ability to afford home security. It just depends on your budget and to what extent you need protection. If it seems overwhelming to make the decisions, call us at Core Home Security. Our expert staff has many years of experience when it comes to planning out a home security system and alarm monitoring. We carefully listen to what you need, along with your budget concerns. Then, we help you put together a security package to fit you perfectly. Don’t feel that you can’t afford home security or have alarm monitoring. Instead, consider what kind of security you can add that fits your budget. Find out more by contacting us today! Your family deserves to be protected and feel safe in your home.

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