Smart Home Automation Runs Your Home


Smart homes are very popular right now. In fact, new homes built in today’s neighborhoods have smart home technology already built-in as a standard feature. Some homeowners feel that it is too much modern technology for them. They already have trouble joining a Zoom meeting and assume smart devices are even more complicated. However, you probably already have smart home devices that you use without realizing it. Do you ask your virtual voice assistant to play your favorite playlist while you cook? Or, is your robo-vacuum set to sweep the floors while you are away? Then, you already have the beginnings of a smart home. There is even a smart home security system that connects your wireless devices to the same control panel. Let’s look at what other daily tasks smart homes care for. 


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The Purpose of Having a Smart Home

Why are people adding smart home devices around the home? By assisting us with small everyday tasks, it helps to simplify our lives. A smart home is also fun when it comes to the entertainment in our home. Connect your gaming, movies, and music to your smart lighting and speakers for a full surround sound experience. In addition to the convenience and fun, smart devices are especially important when they team up with your home security system. This allows your security to blend with your home automation. Walking up to the door with your arms full signals the keyless lock to open. No more fumbling for keys or codes. It also saves energy by managing items that may be wasteful, such as your HVAC and lighting, resulting in you saving money.

Useful Smart Home Devices

It is surprising how many things in your home have the potential to become automated. But, before that, you need to put in place a central control panel, voice assistant, or another type of hub. To simplify explanations, we’ll use the example of a home security system control panel. This panel allows you to integrate smart home devices to work alongside your security devices. Once you have this centralized unit in place, you are able to start adding your home helpers. 

Smart plugs and power strips: The power strip usually has six outlets on it. The items you plug into it will be accessible to control on the smartphone app, whether home or away. The same rules go for the smart plug. Imagine having control of your coffee pot in the morning. Turn it on before you even get out of bed and check to make sure it is off after arriving to work by checking your phone app. 

Smart Thermostat: A smart thermostat makes adjustments by learning your daily habits. It has the ability to adjust individual rooms to prevent wasting energy in an empty room, saving money. Or, with geofencing, it senses your arrival at home and sets the temperature for your comfort. 

Home Appliances: These are either already smart devices, or you have them plugged into the smart outlets. They do everything from vacuuming, brewing coffee, cooking to perfection, and even keeping track of what is in the refrigerator while making a shopping list. If it plugs into an outlet, it more than likely can become a smart device.   

Home Security: Smart home security keeps you safe in many ways. Beyond the use of your cameras, motions sensors, locks, etc., there are everyday conveniences too. Program soft lights to come on when sensors detect you getting up at night. On the same note, program full lighting to turn on if the smoke detector triggers at night. Doors unlock as you approach, and lights turn off when you leave the room. There are endless possibilities when it comes to a smart home security system. 

More Extras: Irrigation system, washer and dryer, garage door, lawnmower, pet feeders, and more. 


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Be in Control of Your Smart Home

Just because your smart home seems to think for itself, it still relies on you to set the rules and schedules. Maintain control over your smart home using remote controls, voice commands, your home control panel, and your smartphone app. In doing so, you receive energy logs, usage logs, activity alerts, and emergency notifications. Here at Core Home Security, we are familiar with how to put together a smart home security package. Let us give you some suggestions based on your needs and wants. Find out how your home security system brings you safety and convenience while saving energy at the same time. Call us today!

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