It is normal to have motion detectors on our front door, along with video recording. But, not long ago, home security systems were only for the elite homeowner. However, today this type of technology has become affordable enough for most homes to use it. Simple security devices and even video security capability has been around for a while, but it has only been since the ’80s that the industry’s technology has exploded. In addition, as it became more affordable in the ’90s, the market for the average homeowner opened up. Let’s explore some of this evolution of home security and see what changes have been made possible over the past couple of years. 

Core Home Security


Cameras serve as a strong foundation for any home security system. Modern advances took bulky, high-maintenance CCTV cameras and streamlined them into small, aesthetically pleasing cameras. Today’s cameras are compact, high-range, infrared, and wireless. It doesn’t get much better than that. A simple video doorbell easily monitors your whole front yard, even in the dark. Cameras are made so that they alert you through motion-detecting technology, or you can view on-demand HD video streaming. The Wi-Fi signal allows you to monitor and check the activity around the home using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. With the development of cloud storage, your video footage can be stored safely until you need it. 

The Smart Solution for Your Home

Control Panels

Control panels have also come a long way when it comes to what it is capable of. A few years ago, you used your panel to manually turn your home security on and off when you left and came home. Today, your panel manages your whole house of security and smart home devices. Control panels have a wireless capability that allows you to schedule and control your home devices remotely from wherever you may be. Also, some are equipped with cameras that take a photo of whoever disarms the panel and sends the image to your smartphone. Glass break detection is also a built-in feature, along with Bluetooth. In addition, when not in use, your panel serves as a digital picture frame using a micro-SD card. 

Smart Home Security

Smart Home Devices

Nothing says advanced technology more than virtual voice assistants and other smart home devices. Back in the day, we thought we were special to have a garage door opener or a light we could clap on, clap off. Today, with geofencing and smart home programming, your whole house turns on as you pull up in the car if you want. Lights come on; your thermostat adjusts; the oven preheats, music plays, and whatever else you have scheduled. Small everyday tasks get taken care of with the push of a button or schedule. Your irrigation waters itself based on the local weather. There are even programmable lawnmowers that work like your indoor Roomba vacuum. If it plugs in or has a Wi-Fi connection, the possibilities are endless. 

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Systems

Original alarm systems were made up of a loud siren when security was breached, but you had to be there for it to be of any assistance. Then, you had to call for help yourself. Today, having alarm monitoring ensures that there is someone there backing you up 24/7. Your virtual voice assistant dials 911 for you on-demand, or there is a panic button on your control panel for you to hit. If you are away from the house, your system uses sensors and cameras that alert you to intruders or environmental hazards occurring in the home. These alerts go to your smartphone and monitoring company, which in turn call for immediate assistance from the proper first responders. 

Ultimate Home Security Package

Technology Today

With the continued advancement and improvements in home security, it is only getting better. If you have home security, keep your software up-to-date. Stay informed of new products and what they can do to protect your home. With the many options and inventory, the market stays affordable. There is no reason to be without some type of security protecting your family. At Core Home Security, our mission is to set you and your family up with the best protection and monitoring possible while working within your budget. We use the latest technology out there in our equipment, along with free installation. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you! We listen to your needs and concerns. The options are endless and waiting to help keep your property safe. 

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