Have you ever heard the phrase that it only takes a couple of seconds to make a first impression? This is also true for your home when potential thieves look through your neighborhood. With a glance at the home’s on your street, a thief quickly notes the homes that are worth his time. How do they do it? What are the weak areas that they look for? The answers are vital in shoring up your home to keep it from being a target. Of course, a home security system is the best way to start. 

Hidden Homes

Intruders don’t want anyone to see them, so they look for houses that have hidden entry points. To prevent this weakness, view your home from the road. What do you see? Be sure your front entrance is visible and not hidden. Placing a simple video doorbell serves as a big help when it comes to watching over your home. This gives you a clear view of your front property, even at night. Facts are that most home burglars come in through the front door. With remote access and instant alerts, your video doorbell makes you aware of any activity that comes onto the property. 

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Poor Lighting

In addition, do a walk around and make sure there are no hiding spots in the yard, especially close to the windows and doors. At night, have your outdoor lights pointing in select directions that illuminate your entry points. Motion-detecting lights are a good idea for those that want the potential intruder scared away, but at the same time, save energy. Program smart lighting if you are away so that the lights come on inside and out. Don’t let the house look vacant or let them know you are on vacation. Also, any outdoor security cameras need to cover the outside entry points of the house and other important areas. Cameras are the best deterrent when your house gets the drive-by evaluation. 

Window Shopping

At times, thieves come to your door in the pretense of doing a survey or passing out business coupons. However, what they are really doing is seeing who is home and at what time. Also, while they are there at the front door, they are looking in your windows and through the doorway if you answer. When you are not using your electronics, put them away. Leaving them out in the open and viewable through your windows is not a good idea. Once again, you have window blinds that are programmed to close at a certain time with a smart home. When you leave for work or school, schedule them to close when the home security system is armed. Keep things put away or locked up when not in use while you are away. 

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Don’t Announce Your Vacation

Criminals like social media too. Posting those vacation pictures is like free advertising to them. You’re telling them where you are and how long you will be gone. It’s good to keep your plans known to a few trusted friends or neighbors who look after your house and pets. Your smart home devices allow you to schedule or remotely manage your home. Turn on and off many of your devices, such as the lights, TV, blinds, lawn sprinklers, and more. No one will even realize you are not home when they see your daily routine still being carried out. With 24/7 alarm monitoring backing up your home security system, you know someone else is watching out for your home until you get back. 

Stay Out of Sight of the Burglar

There are many more suggestions that keep your family and home safe. When the neighborhood gets scoped out for a good target home, we want them to pass you by. Call us at Core Home Security, and we will assist you in covering your house with a blanket of protection. Whether you are home or not, there should not be any worries about intruders or theft. Our priority is to keep you safe, no matter what. We will work with you to find a solution within your budget and needs. Don’t delay, call us now!

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