Nationwide, in 2019 there were almost 7,000,000 property crimes. Homeowners and businesses have turned to security systems to avoid being part of that statistic. However, just putting in an alarm system does not fully cover you. In order for you to receive the best possible protection, it is always encouraged to back it up with alarm monitoring. There is a good reason for this, and once some facts are reasoned on, you too will agree that it is a sound decision. 


What Is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is when your home security system connects to a central monitoring station. The moment the control panel in your home detects that one of the sensors in your home is triggered, it sends an alert to the monitoring station. The station then attempts to contact you to verify an emergency. If you are unavailable, they send out the appropriate first responders of police, fire, or medical. 


Some monitoring companies have the option of an immediate alarm. This means that no verification call goes out. Instead, the first responders immediately go out. This is only an ideal situation if there is nothing in the house that may accidentally trigger the alarm, such as kids or pets. The reason for this is that some agencies will charge you if they respond to repeated false alarms. However, this would be a good feature to have for your smoke detector. 


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Benefits of Home Alarm Monitoring

Now that you know what alarm monitoring does, what are some benefits of having it connected to your security system? First, it ensures that your family and home have someone there for you in the case of an emergency 24/7. There may be a time that you need assistance in the home, immediately. Hitting a button on your control panel connects you with that help or the push of a panic button nearby. Or, there will be that time when you don’t have a cellular signal due to location or that meeting you’re in where you can’t answer the alarm that is alerting you from home. Without monitoring, these calls go unanswered. 


Another reason is the fast response time. Remember, without monitoring, no one answers the call if you are not available. Whereas, when the monitoring station receives an alarm from your home, a response occurs within seconds. With such a quick response time, the damage is decreased at your home. Whether it is a fire, a flood, or a burglary, the faster someone gets to the home, the less you will lose or have damaged. 

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What Should You Choose?

Some people think that they are capable of monitoring their own system with just the loud alarm in the home. Even those who have the alarm alerts go to their phone still have to respond to them. As noted above, that is not always possible to do at a moment’s notice. Others hesitate due to the monthly fee for the monitoring service. But, at what cost when you compare it to the average burglary loss of $3,000 – $4,000. Backing your home security system up with alarm monitoring is the way to reach the full potential of your system’s ability to protect you. Not to mention, most homeowner’s insurance gives up to a 20% discount for an actively monitored alarm system.


Find out more benefits and how you can apply alarm monitoring to your home security. Call us here at Core Home Security and we do whatever it takes to secure you, your family, and your property. Check out why we are listed in Feedspot as one of the nation’s best security companies. Having alarm monitoring is an important ingredient to keep you safe. Let us show you how it can be done within your budget and specific needs. Call today!



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