Why is it Important to Install a Home Security System in your Home?

Home security systems appear to be an item that has gained popularity. Still, only about a third of the nation’s homeowners have one in place. Home security systems used to be for the wealthy or the commercial industry. But the times have changed, and now it is important for us to secure our homes and family. Thankfully, home security companies have become abundant, and there is a wide variety to choose from. Due to the competitive market, security systems and their equipment have become affordable enough for just about anyone. But is it something that we all need, or is there a specific group that it serves better? There are many good reasons to have a home security system, but to start, let’s look at four main reasons.


Protecting their property and family is an obvious goal and probably the number one reason for the majority of homeowners to install home security. The FBI reports that in 2019 there were 1,117,696 burglaries which resulted in an estimated $3 billion in property losses. Home security systems come with both simple pieces or an extensive setup. It is usually up to you how detailed you want to make it. Thankfully, even the simplest device, such as a video doorbell or a camera pointing at the front door, serves as a big deterrent to those who are looking for a home to target. But in the end, the more devices you can layer on, the more secure your home is going to be. This protection includes not only break-in protection but also monitoring for fires or carbon monoxide dangers.

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Peace of Mind

Home security systems bring peace of mind in many areas. First, you have your security devices on alert for any suspicious activity or environmental hazards. Hopefully, you include 24/7 monitoring from a company that always watches over your home when you are away. This monitoring keeps you from worrying that you missed an alert on your phone about an alarm at home. Next, you don’t need to worry if the kids came right home from school or not. You can check the recorded footage or see them walking in on a live-stream when you answer an activity alert at the front door. You can even have a two-way conversation through your video doorbell or indoor cameras. Always be informed of your home’s status means less stress, letting you focus on other things.


Today’s home security is not just about keeping the bad guys out. Smart home devices now integrate into your home security main hub for a smooth-running home. Having remote access to your home means that you can lock up, arm/disarm, turn lights on and off, close the garage, adjust the thermostat, and more. With the app on your smartphone, receive alerts if something in the home needs adjusting or is out of the ordinary with the routine you have programmed in. Want to keep your package out of the hands of porch pirates? When you receive the alert that someone is walking up with an expected package, unlock your door or garage to put it inside. Then, lock everything back up when they leave. A smart home security system makes things easier than you can imagine, plus more.

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The first savings come with your homeowner’s insurance. If you have your home security system monitored, you could save up to 20%. Next, do you realize that the average burglary loss is about $2,600? By arming your home, you are lowering the odds of suffering that loss. Lastly, with a smart home, the savings begin immediately and continues as long as you put it into use. Control the thermostat when you are not home, turn the lights off and on as needed, check to see that all the windows and doors stay closed, and more. Never waste energy when you are watching the usage closely.


There are many more reasons why having a home security system is a wise decision. Make it a priority to secure your home to the best of your ability. Give us a call at Core Home Security. Our helpful staff listens closely to your needs and makes suggestions that fit your home in the best way. We have the many years of experience it takes to secure a home properly. Your family and home deserve the best, and we can show you how to do it! Get protection, peace of mind, convenience, and savings. Call us now, and we will show you how!

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