Today’s technological advances stay on a continuous forward movement. You may not be the type of person that has to have the latest gadget all the time. But, you also don’t want to get left behind to the point where your electronics become no longer compatible with new purchases. This includes your home security system. For those who are buying a new home security system or upgrading their present one, you will find that many are going wireless. However, due to cybercrime, some homeowners worry about how secure their wireless systems are. Is there a way for hackers to invade their privacy and even their homes?

Why Go Wireless?

First of all, the choice to go wireless is preferred by many due to the ease of installation and mobility. Your security devices communicate with your panel through Wi-Fi. There are no lines to install in your walls that require professional installation. Plus, once put in place, it is not easy to move them if the situation calls for it. Whereas, wireless equipment moves easily whenever circumstances change, or a different perspective is needed in a room to monitor. Another advantage is the ability to remotely monitor your home security system. Wireless devices allow you to view them on an app with your smartphone or PC, or another web-enabled device.

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Is a Wireless System Vulnerable?

In simple terms, a wireless security system is prone to the crime of hacking due to the Wi-Fi connection. However, the chances of this happening are the same as someone gaining access to your computer or other electronics in the house. If you take precautions, you can all but eliminate the risk of cybercrime. The number one rule of any device in your home that accesses your internet or Wi-Fi connection is to secure a strong password. Never reuse a password or make it something that can be guessed.

Another important factor to remember is to have necessary encryption on your Wi-Fi router and devices. It is also important to keep all software up-to-date. A final safety feature is to have two-factor authentication. This makes it almost impossible to hack into your system. Not only do they need the password, but a code gets emailed or texted to you for verification.

Safety Precautions

As just outlined in the previous paragraph, there are steps you can take to greatly lower the odds of being hacked. In addition, because of the wireless option becoming a popular choice, more security companies are implementing stricter protocols with their encryption to prevent any security breaches. These companies roll out updating firmware on a regular basis as threats become identified or anticipated. This emphasizes the importance to keep your system updated regularly. These many multi-layered security efforts, along with your efforts, make your devices very secure. On an additional note, don’t store your passwords on your phone or tablet that could be used by others.

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Is Wireless a Good Choice for You?

Home security is an area that really depends on the individual and their circumstances. There will always be those that prefer a landline security system for its reliability. But remember, no one certain security system is foolproof. Landlines can be cut, wireless systems can experience interference. Conduct the proper research and know what your family and home’s needs are. Give us a call at Core Home Security and we can guide you through the different security systems and what they offer. Our suggestions, along with your concerns, make a customized system that will fit your home possible. Cutting corners to save money on home security systems is never a good idea. We know safety is your priority, and it is ours too!

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