Did you grow up with your parents saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? That does apply to many things, but should your home security system be one of them? It seems to still be working fine. No one wants to spend money if they don’t need to. On the other hand, you don’t want to cut corners where your family’s security is concerned. It would be tragic if an emergency occurs and your older system fails to alert you at a critical time. Today we will list a couple of signs to look for that will let you know that it is time to start looking into an upgrade of your home security system.


When you purchased your home alarm systems ten to fifteen years ago, they told you it would last forever. Well, with proper maintenance, the equipment probably will. However, top technology from a decade ago is quickly fading into the background. Software updates may not even be available any longer to protect your system. Any repairs you need could start costing you extra since the parts and expertise to repair are not readily available anymore. And, as previously stated, you don’t want a system failure at a critical moment. 

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The next item to evaluate is your alarm system itself. Do you only have an alarm for any intruder alert? In the past, some may have settled for the alarm-only mode thinking that it would scare off any would-be intruder. But, what would happen if someone forces their way in after you open the door? There would not be an alarm going off in that instance. Also, there are those that have a self-monitoring system and feel that is enough. However, what if you are not available to answer an alert? Having an outside monitoring company looking out for you 24/7 is protection at all times. 


If your home security system is hardwired, you may want to look over the new options. These wires have always been vulnerable to being cut in order to shut down the system. Plus, any repairs being made may require fishing the wires out of the walls. Not to mention, wherever your devices are placed, that is where they stay. With today’s wireless systems, it makes it handy to move around your indoor cameras when needs change. A wireless home security system opens up a whole new world of opportunities. This includes remote management of your security devices, such as remotely monitoring your system on your smartphone. 

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Who hasn’t seen the fantastic abilities of a smart home? Sadly, with older security systems, they are not compatible with the wireless devices the smart home uses. In addition, if you want to check on the activity at home using a smartphone app, you will be using wireless Wi-Fi technology. This also includes the convenience of controlling your thermostat or lighting, just to name a couple. Keeping the old security system means missing out on energy savings, increased protection, and lots of conveniences. 

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It all comes down to your family’s specific needs. If your alarm systems are still functioning well and you keep up on the maintenance, you may choose to keep things as-is. However, be alert to how the field of home security continues to move along. Don’t allow yourself to get too far behind. Feel free to give us a call at Core Home Security. We can evaluate your present systems and let you know if there are issues that may arise in the near future. Some people are hanging onto that landline specifically for their security system. Whereas, you could actually put that monthly cost toward an upgraded security system with monitoring. We will listen to what you need, analyze what you have, and make suggestions to keep you safe and protected. Don’t wait, see what is new out there! 

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