With so much technology out there, it now touches every aspect of our lives. Many homeowners have jumped into the group of having home security systems. However, there is now an extension even to that. There are smart home devices that integrate into your security system. The goal of having a smart home goes beyond the obvious conveniences. There are supposed to be energy savings that go along with it. But is this true? Would buying more technology actually cost you money instead? Let’s find out if a smart home really is more energy efficient.

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Utility Bills

We will start out with the most expensive utility bill for homeowners, the electricity cost. Research says that the average US cost of electricity per month is about $110, but that would be more or less depending on the size of the home. But, we will use this bill to examine how your smart home can save you. Notably, you control all the following devices via your home’s Wi-Fi using the home’s central hub or your smartphone.

  • Smart Thermostat: This device is all about showing how smart it is. Program this thermostat with schedules or rules that you have remote control over using a smartphone. When the family leaves for the day, it will automatically adjust the temperature to conserve energy. When your car pulls into the driveway, it can adjust it back. There are endless options for the programming. Some of these thermostats are even capable of “learning” your routine and make the adjustments on their own after perceiving a schedule. Your savings on the heating and cooling runs about 25%.
  • Smart Lighting: Do the kids leave the room lights on constantly, even when they are not home? Program smart lights to turn off when no one is in the room for a certain amount of time. Have motion sensors on the outside lights so that they come on only when activity is detected nearby. These LED light bulbs can turn on and off, dim, and even change color for an event.
  • Water usage: Water utilities are a lesser bill, but can still take a chunk for some homeowners. Whether it is automatic sprinklers watering your yard in the rain or an undetected leak in your pipes, you are paying for wasted water. There are a few smart devices to put into place. Irrigations controls are now available that will monitor the weather for you. It will automatically turn on for just the right amount of time to avoid runoff and skips rainy days. For potential leaks, there are devices that monitor the pressure of your water system. When a leak is detected, you get a text alert, and it automatically shuts off your water to avoid flooding and damage. Some may hesitate at the pricing to professionally install, and you may never need to use it, but think of the thousands of dollars in damages that you prevent.
  • Smart plugs: Anything that requires that you plug it in has the ability to be controlled remotely on your smartphone when used with a smart plug. Wondering if you turned off the iron or coffee pot? Check your app and turn it off if needed. This list is endless but very handy.

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Beyond the Utilities

By just examining the area of utility bills, it is easy to see how your energy usage can be made more efficient by implementing a few smart home devices. But wait, there’s more. Beyond the necessities, there are plenty of extras. These, too, save energy and money in the long run. Here a just a couple:

  • Smart kitchen appliances include air fryers, microwaves, blenders, coffee makers, kettles, ovens, refrigerators, and more. Not only do these appliances monitor the recipes and temperatures, but you can remotely communicate with them. There is never wasted energy here since they can turn themselves off if you don’t.
  • Included in the home security system are your smart locks, smart control for the garage door, window sensors, and cameras. These save you from wasting energy when you can close or lock the doors and garage when you forget and not waste gas by turning around and going all the way back home. Window sensors and cameras let you know when they are left open.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

As stated earlier, if you want an energy-efficient smart home, the options are endless. Even using just a couple will promote monthly savings. Not to mention, it is eco-friendly to save energy. Core Home Security carries many of these items to assist you in making your home convenient and efficient. Give us a call and let us know your ideas. We work with you to find the best items to fit your home needs. Make technology work for you!

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