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Installing wireless home security cameras for your Florida home or business with Core Home Security is one of the best ways to ensure complete, 360-degree protection from unfortunate circumstances. Our Smart Home technology and full-service modern security systems are designed for optimal conscience and safety, whether for residential or commercial use. The consistent effectiveness of our wireless home security cameras is what makes Core Home Security a trusted partner in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Discover how exactly our security systems remain effective and contact us today to consult with our technicians!

Full Coverage Wireless Home Security Cameras

The wireless home security cameras from Core Home Security provide necessary on-site surveillance both when you’re at and away from your house. These high-tech modern forms of security are effective for deterring intruders and protecting against disaster because of the amount of coverage they provide. Accessible from a convenient mobile app, our security cameras provide real-time views of your front door, back door, windows, and all other accessible areas of your house. No matter the time of day, Core Home Security provides peace of mind and a complete overview of your property’s exterior.

24/7 Residential & Commercial Surveillance

It’s not enough to install wireless home security cameras around your residential property or commercial business; they also need to provide a constant view of what’s going on. The on-site security available from Core Home Security remains effective day after day because our cameras are designed to operate 24/7, day and night. Even if you’re away from your house or business, you can rest assured knowing high-definition and clear footage of your property is being captured by our wireless home security cameras. If anything seems awry, our system will let you know. 

Real-Time Activity Alerts 

Home automation is also a major reason why Core Home Security’s on-site systems remain effective for months and years to come. If our wireless home security cameras view an intruder, floodwaters, flames, or any other potential dangers, an urgent alert will be sent to your mobile app; this gives you the information you need to call authorities or to get away from certain environmental issues. Additionally, the home automation features of our security systems can keep track of activity patterns and can easily spot unusual activity, providing year-round protection from danger. 

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Whether you’re interested in wireless home security cameras, Smart Home technology, or other common security system features, Core Home Security in Florida is here for you. Our technicians and security specialists always give in-depth consultations, identifying what your needs are and ensuring our products are consistently effective and provide the protection and comfort you deserve. In addition to providing free installations and affordable pricing, Core Home Security can also answer all your questions about how to keep your property safe.

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