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The safety of your family members or employees should come before anything else, which is exactly what Core Home Security in Ft. Lauderdale, FL understands. Our residential and commercial security company provides the latest in 24/7 surveillance and Smart Home technology, topped off with affordable pricing and complete custom-tailored solutions. If you’re looking into upgrading your existing system or installing new wireless home security cameras, trust our installation team to help! Learn more about why you should choose us for your constant protection and get in touch today to get started!

High-Tech Wireless Home Security Cameras

Core Home Security is primarily known across Florida for our incredible Smart Home technology. The security systems we install not only include wireless home security cameras, but also high-definition touchscreens, live video streams, live front door answering, and a convenient mobile app to keep track of it all. Whether you’re away from your home or settling in for the night, our top-of-the-line Core Home Security systems provide everything you need to be safe.

No Upfront Cost & Low Upgrade Cost

The wireless home security cameras from Core Home Security can be installed at an incredibly affordable price, which is available for both residential and commercial clients. If you already have a security system that you’d like to upgrade with newer technological advances, our staff can help you do just that for less than $20 each month; an in-depth overview of your system will allow us to discover areas where we can add a few much-deserved improvements. Alternatively, Core Home Security can help you install brand new or replacement wireless home security cameras with no upfront cost!

Tailored Smart Home Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to commercial security systems or wireless home security cameras. Core Home Security believes in providing customized, tailor-made surveillance to everyone who consults with us. The security specialists and licensed technicians on our team will work in-depth with you to discover what your needs are and how our wireless home security cameras can keep your family and assets safe.

Free Same-Day Installation

Once a customized residential or commercial security plan is finalized, our Core Home Security team will install the wireless home security cameras and other equipment completely free. Our technicians will ensure everything is properly installed and activated, allowing you to instantly reap the rewards of 24/7 surveillance and home protection. It’s also at this point you will gain access to our UL-Listed alarm monitoring and local award-winning customer support.

Stay Protected With Core Home’s Wireless Home Security Cameras

Ensure your loved ones and professional establishments are protected from intruders and local crime by partnering with Core Home Security. Browse our website to learn more about our home security plans or business security plans and contact us anytime to get started!

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